December 9, 2023

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Guaranteed Acceptance Term Life Insurance Quotes

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If you are looking for guaranteed acceptance term life insurance quotes, then you may be out of luck. In this day and age there are so many potential health risks and diseases that it’s virtually unheard of for an insurance company to give guaranteed acceptance term life insurance quotes or whole life insurance quotes, without some type of exclusions, restrictions or waiting periods written into the policy, such as the type of insurance policy you see on television for elderly people. Read the following article and you’ll see that illness or poor health conditions can strike anyone at just about any age.

There are many times in our lives that we believe that something may have happened for a reason. There are other times that this clich may seem over used, but there definitely are times when unexpected things happen, sometimes these happen to benefit us. Some think these things are simply coincidence, while others believe that it is fate. Still others believe that it may be divine intervention, whatever you choose to believe, I know that it has changed the lives of both myself and my son.

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My son and his wife had been married for nearly two years and his wife was six months pregnant at the time, with their first child, when he thought that it would be a good idea to purchase more life insurance that they currently had. He got quite a few different life insurance quotes online and finally narrowed it down to two different companies that had low rates. He found out that, although the life insurance quotes that the got were low, companies that offer these low premiums required the most thorough health examinations. This wasn’t didn’t worry my son though as he’d been active in many team sports throughout high school and college and had always seemed to be very healthy. He is in excellent physical condition and is rarely ill.

He went to see the doctor to get the life insurance examination. He is only 27 years old and has never smoked cigarettes, so the life insurance quotes were very affordable. He took the form with him that the insurance company wanted the examining physician to complete and return. The insurance company wanted blood tests in addition to the thorough physical exam.
The physical went fine, but when he got the blood work back he found that his cholesterol was extremely high. The doctor was concerned about such high readings for a person that was so young. He told my son to to stay on a strict diet for the next month and then they would test him again. The doctor wanted to be certain that the test wasn’t measuring a cholesterol spike because of poor eating the day before the test. The doctor told my son that if the level didn’t come down significantly he would be forced to go on medication in order to avoid heart problems.

My son called me to let me know about how the physical for the life insurance quotes went and about his high cholesterol level. He was aware that my because brother had died of heart disease at the age of 45, and that his children had high cholesterol levels, His second test may come back the same. It did. Forunately, because of the life insurance quotes and physical examination, we were able to find out before it was too late.

The doctor immediately started him on medication. The doctor thinks that they have avoided an early stroke or heart attack because they caught the problem in time and because of the use of the medication. By looking into life insurance quotes when he did, my son may have prevented an early heart attack.

Although you may not find guaranteed acceptance term life insurance quotes or guaranteed acceptance whole life insurance quotes, there’s always a chance that you may be accepted. It doesn’t cost anything to get a free quote. Why not do it now?

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