December 9, 2023

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Mexican Auto Insurance – Problems Experienced By Mexico Motorists

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Mexican Insurance Store has issued a report on the top legal and insurance related problems experienced while driving on vacation in Mexico. Unlike the law in the U.S., in Mexico the assumption of guilt prevails over the assumption of innocence. The penalties for not having insurance while traveling in Mexico can be severe.

Common Mexican Insurance Problems:

1. Not Having Mexican Auto Insurance

U.S. and Canadian auto insurance is NOT recognized in Mexico. Vacationers that don’t have auto insurance in Mexico and have an accident may spend many hours or days in jail and have their vehicle confiscated.

2. Not Having Emergency Medical Assistance

Mexico can be a dangerous place to be without emergency medical assistance. Most U.S. health insurance is not valid in Mexico.

3. Buying Auto Insurance with Emergency Medical Assistance that is NOT Valid in Rural Areas.

Travelers need to read the fine print in emergency medical assistance options”. In order to save money, insurance companies limit their coverage to major cities of Mexico. Services are provided by third parties sub-contracted with the insurance company. It is important to watch for this because most of Mexico is rural and some insurance policies say they cover it, which is accurate. The broker should tell you that in rural areas, the policy actually reads, we will do the best we can”.

4. Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance with a monetary limit

This is another area where the fine print can not be overlooked. Most policies have a low monetary limit or do not cover pre-existing conditions. Evacuation by air or land can be expensive and is not included in many policies. Costs can reach $100,000 per patient.

5. Not Having Assistance Services for Friends and Family

Don’t forget to get coverage for your traveling companions. Ask whether there are restrictions such as up to 4 passengers.

Mexican Insurance Store offers package’s that include insurance policies needed while traveling in Mexico.

All Auto Insurance Plans should include:

Emergency Medical Assistance good in cities and rural areas.

Emergency Medical & Travel Assistance good for the entire family with no monetary limit and guaranteed hospital admittance.

A minimum US $20,000 in Legal Assistance & Bail Bond.

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