September 27, 2023

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Tips For Insuring A Second Home

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If you are lucky enough to own a second home in which you spend the weekends or holidays, then you will of course need to take out home contents insurance to cover the possessions within it just as you do your main home. However when it comes to insuring a holiday home it is of course more expensive, this is due to the fact that for a large amount of time the home is not being lived in and so is deemed as a bigger risk. However there are steps you can take to lower the amount that you have to pay for your premium.

The biggest reason why it costs more to insure a second home is the fact that you are not residing in it and as such for a large part of the time it is standing empty, which means there is more chance of it getting broken into. Steps you can take to remedy this and to bring down the premium include fitting the latest security features to the home. The better protected the property is, then the lower the risk and the cheaper the premium.

Installing the latest alarms which are listed with many insurers can go a long way to making sure your property is secure to the standard listed with insurers.

Other security features which can lower your home contents insurance include installing smoke detectors; doors and window alarms and locks; and making sure your property is totally enclosed by fencing. Insurers believe that the security in and around your home make a 30% difference between it being targeted by thieves and not bring targeted.

If your second home is in a neighborhood watch area or you have a house sitter or at least someone who can check on your property on a daily basis then this too can reduce the quote for the insurance on your second home.

When looking for insurance for your holiday home then the best way to purchase it is by doing so via a specialist broker. This will allow you to get the best quote for your circumstances.

Companies do vary in what they offer and especially in what is included or not in the policy for the amount that you are asked to pay

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