September 27, 2023

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Using Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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On the internet today, there are hundreds of places you can get homeowners insurance quotes. You can get them from machines that will run quotes for several companies at once; you can get them from specific insurance companies, and you can get them from companies who will call you once they process your information. But how do you use these quotes wisely to get the best cheap homeowners insurance you can find? This article will help you do just that.
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Step One: Find Reliable Quotes

The best way to know that you’re finding reliable homeowners insurance quotes is to find quote generators that ask for specific information. Homeowners insurance is based on lots of things, like construction and style of the home (ie. ranch or two-story), nearness to a fire stations and a fire hydrant, age and marital status of the owners, and your own credit history. While you may not want to pass out your social security number left and right and allow every quote engine to check your credit, you do want to find quote engines that ask for lots of information.

Homeowners insurance quotes based on just your name and zip code aren’t like to be accurate at all, so they’re really not going to give you a good idea of what insurance will cost with different companies, which is the whole point of this process. If you’re going to get quotes over the phone, you should follow the same criteria; insist that you get an accurate quote by providing the person quoting you with specific information about your home.

Step Two: Start Crossing them Off

Now that you have several homeowners insurance quotes, cross a few off your list. You should leave yourself with at least three companies about which to get more detailed information, but you can probably afford to cross off all but three or four of the cheapest home insurance companies.

Step Three: Make Some Phone Calls

You may be thinking that the reason you did this online in the first place was so that you wouldn’t have to make phone calls, but most companies won’t give you detailed information unless you actually talk to them. The exception is companies like Progressive, with whom you can actually fill out an application online. Either way, it’s time to find out what goes along with your lowest quotes; ask questions about types of coverage that are involved so that you can find a plan that is not only cheap but that also has the coverage you need.

Step Four: Run Some Comparisons

Now, don’t go asking the insurance companies how good their customer service is because they’ll all say they’re the best, obviously. Instead, look at consumer ratings online and talk to friends and relatives who have dealt with local insurance agents. This is especially useful if you can’t decide between two companies who are offering essentially the same coverage for close to the same price. When it doubt, go with the company who is known for treating its customers better.

Step Five: Decide and Apply

This is pretty clear; at some point, you have to actually apply for insurance. What will probably happen is that the company you apply to will look over your application and will get back with you in a few days to give you a final offer. Keep in mind that if the offer is much higher than you expected, you can always change around your policy or apply at one of the other companies on your list. Just because you apply doesn’t mean you have to accept the company’s final offer, so don’t feel pressured to go with the first company who gives you a firm price.
Home Insurance

Hopefully, these steps will save you lots of time and, more importantly, lots of money. Online homeowners insurance quotes can be really powerful tools if you use them correctly, so don’t skip any steps. Finding affordable insurance that meets your needs is really important and can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

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