December 9, 2023

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Whole Life Insurance – A Premium For Life

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Alot of people are still concerned of their spouse and families’ situation after they’re gone. Savings in the bank or even their retirement funds are sometimes not adequate to cover the replacement earnings or expenses of their families after their passing.

For this trouble, there’s a potential solution – permanent insurance. A permanent insurance, also known as cash value insurance, is a form of insurance that lasts until the policy matures. A whole life insurance is a well-defined model as this insurance offers a permanent form of protection for a level premium with a cash value table, meaning to say that this insurance would require a level premium for life, and assures minimum cash value growth included in the policy.

How does it Work?

Essentially under this insurance policy, the insured party would pay a regular premium to the insurance company, in exchange for a guarantee of specified proceeds payable to his or her spouse or the closest relative upon his or her death.

There are by and large two types of whole life insurances; the participating and non-participating insurance. In a participating insurance policy, the insurer will divvy up the surplus profits, known as dividend with the policyholder. And this profit amount is contingent on the success of the company’s performance each year.

On the other hand, non participating insurance policy would refer to the policy in which all the values related to the policy such as death benefits and the premiums are determined at the time of the policy issue, for the life of the whole insurance contract, and can not be modified after that issuing.


This whole life insurance is nowadays a very popular trend, for there are so many companies offering this type of permanent insurance policy on the Internet. Just like a normal whole life insurance policy, an online policy would also cover the insured party at a fixed rate and a permanent premium.

Naturally it appears more costly than term insurance policies, but unlike term policies, which do not have cash, value account, this whole life insurance has a savings account for the insured party, which can be accessed at any necessary time if called for.

In short, this whole life insurance has a great benefit and is very valuable nowadays, particularly with high living costs. This insurance essentially allows for a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash values. It’s essential for anyone who has a family depending on them, and to at least cover their funeral costs, debts, and to replace the lost income.

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